Other Columbuses

Christopher Columbus the first mini donkey born in the U.S. on Columbus day 1929. His sire was Impheus the first mini donkey jack imported into the US. The older man is Robert Green the importer, and his nephews. This picture is from the cover of the ASSET, the magazine of the National Miniature Donkey Association. Spring 1993 edition. From More Fun Donkey Pictures

Columbus chess (Hand painted), depticting characters who were involved in the first voyage of 1492. King height 6.5" From Chess & Games, Liverpool.

COLUMBUS, Son of Charles & Caroline NETHERTON, DIED Dec. 28, 1863, AGED 10 Ys 2 Ms & 18 Ds. Missouri, Daviess County, Lincoln Township, Hill Cemetery.
From Kevin's Cemetery Pictures

A ColumBUS, of Columbus, Indiana. From the website of Jeffrey Reynolds of Charlottesville, Virginia

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