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Van der Kroft and Van der Krogt are the two present-day variants of the name of a family in the region around The Hague, Holland. The family name, which is written in dozens of variants, is first recorded in 1316, when a certain Hughe uten Crofte paid his rent for the homestead he leased from the count of Holland. In 1334 the same homestead was leased to Hughe's widow and her children.
In the 14th and 15th century several people are mentioned in the sources with this family name. But it is impossible to connect these people together with father-son relations.

All present Van der Krogts and Van der Krofts are proven to descend from two persons who lived around 1500: Jan Dircxz van der Croft, who lived in the late 15th century in or near Naaldwijk, and Jan Claesz. Vercroft, who lived in Maasland in the middle of the 16th century. Both, Naaldwijk and Maasland, are not far south from The Hague (the descent from these two until c. 1800 you will find at the oldest generations page, and more in detail in my articles in the journal Ons Voorgeslacht, mentioned on that page). The relation between these two Jans is not known.

The families named Van der Kroft all belong to the descendants of Jan Dircxz. van der Croft from Naaldwijk, and to be more exact, they have as their common ancestor Jan's grandson in the eight generation, Jan Claesz. van der Kroft (1704-1774). With him starts the 9th generation of the F-family (F from Kroft).
The Van der Krogt families belong to two different branches, one descends from Dirk Claesz. van der Krogt (c. 1702-1703), grandson on the eight generation from the Naaldwijk Jan - and brother of Jan Claesz. van der Kroft, from whom all Van der Krofts descend. Dirk starts the 9th generation of the G-family (G from Krogt). The other branch of the Van der Krogts are descendants from Jan Claesz. Vercroft from Maasland. In fact, this family is has became extinct in the male line, however, the name still lives because in 1804 a daugher Pleuntje van der Krogt gave birth to a son Jan, whose father was unknown. This Jan was the 11nd generation of the P-family (P from Pleuntje).

How do I use this genealogy?

With some alphabetical indexes you easily can find yourself with two different ways of searching:

Each generation of each of the three families (F, G and P) have their own page, the later generations even more than one page. For each person information is given about himself, his wife, and his children; and for each person are links to his parents and to his married sons with links. For sake of convenience, they are numbered too. These numbers start with the letter F, G or P, indicating the family. Each of the following digits stands for a generation, the number is the order number of the son.
Thus, I am P-533.3, which means that I belong to the P-family, and that I am the 3rd son of the 3rd son of the 3rd son of the 5th son of P. So, P-533.2 is my older brother, P-533 is my father, P-532.1 could have been a cousin, son of an older brother of my father (but such a cousin doesn't exist). The Van der Krofts of the F family and Van der Krogts of the G family have much more digits, up to seven or eight digits. An example, F-323.325.12: belongs to family F, and is the 2nd son of the oldest son of the 5th son of the 2nd son of the 3rd son of the 3rd son of the 2nd son of the 3rd son of F (you see, the number is easier!).
However, to navigate through the genealogy you don't need to know that. Click on the symbol ▲Naar ouders and you go to someone's parents, click on the link ▼Volgt G-211.23 after a son's name and you go to the son's family.

The coat-of-arms

A coat of arms is known. It is used in the Van der Kroft family as well in the Van der Krogt family. It is not a very old coat of arms, probably it is designed about 150 years ago.
The coat of arms is divided in two: upper left you see a red lion rampant on a silver field (a variant has the lion in a golden field), and lower right the Lamb of God in natural colours (white lamb, having a white flag with a red cross) on green soil and blue sky. Click on the coat of arms to the left to see other drawings.

What does the name mean?

To understand the meaning of the name and the many variants in the past you need to know first that: But, what is a krocht then, where our ancestors came from?

The great dictionary of the Dutch language says for one of the meanings of krocht:
A krocht is a piece of sandy soil situated higher than its surroundings, specially fields in the dunes.
Since the oldest records of 1316 concern a homestead in the dunes near The Hague, it is clear Hughe came from one of the krochts in the dunes near The Hague.

Where do they live?

Most of the Van der Krogts and Van der Krofts live in a circle of about 30 km around The Hague (part of circle, they don't live in the sea). Few families are migrated to other parts of the Netherlands, such as Deventer, Nijmegen and Limburg. An overview of the number of persons per province (after the census of 1947) is here. And, you find some families in Canada, United States, Australia and New Zealand (and this English page is mainly for them).

Van der Krofts and Krogts outside the Netherlands
CountryVan der KroftVan der Krogt

F-111.231.1 Johannes Bartholomeus van der Kroft, b. 1936
F-311.222 Hendrikus van der Kroft, b. 1904.
F-313.52 John van der Kroft, b. 1906
F-313.54 Leonardus van der Kroft, b. 1910.
P-411.1Peter van der Krogt, b. 1923.

United States
F-311.233.3 Lukas van der Kroft, b. 1964.  

F-312.412 Hank van der Kroft b. 1925.
F-511.115.2 Nico van der Kroft, b. 1928.
F-212.321.1Martinus van der Kroft, b. ?
G-211.134.2 Leonardus van der Krogt, b. 1945.
P-411.11Peter van der Krogt, b. 1952.

New Zealand
F-314.231 Tony van der Kroft G-221.11 Nicolaas van der Krogt, b. 1895.
G-221.112 John van der Krogt, b. 1927
G-221.141 Nicolaas van der Krogt, b. 1928.

  G-213.213.1 Hermanus van der Krogt, b. 1943.

Hong Kong
  P-411.12Rudy van der Krogt, b. 1954.

F-314.361.1 Mike van der Kroft, b. 1968.  

F-314.364.1 Remco van der Kroft, b. 1965.  

  G-213.113.21 Dirk van der Krogt, b. 1976.


What kind of additions can be included?

For all persons with the family names Van der Kroft or Van der Krogt the following data (if applicable):

Photos are very welcome!
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