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One of the solutions for states or countries with a very non-rectangular shape!
FL map Florida License Plate

Florida License Plate

Florida license plate with an outline map of the state in the background. The map is quite detailed, the green color is also underneath the red letters
At the top right, in the seal, a second outline map. The 1979 type has green lettering and an orange-yellow state outline.
In 1986 the colors are altered: orange lettering and a pale green state outline.
In 1991 the colors are altered again to the older type.
WV map W Virginia License Plate

West Virginia, photo coll. Fred Agree

West Virginia plate, 1976-82 type. In 1982 the blue border of the state was omitted. The first N means that the plate is issued in November.
This plate is in the collection of Fred Agee.
SC map S Carolina License Plate South Carolina plate, with the state seal in the state ouline in pale blue. This type of plate is issued 1982-84.
IN map Indiana License Plate

Indiana License Plate

Indiana plate of the 1978 type. This type was issued in 1978 only. On Indiana plates the first one or two numerals denote the county, a smaller district letter is added. In this case 98 is Marion county with the capital Indianapolis. The district letter has here no special meaning.

Indiana plate of the brandnew 1999 type.
See margin maps for another Indiana plate.

KYN map Kentucky 1998 plate (sample) The new Kentucky plate showing a hilly landscape and a sky with a Kentucky-shaped cloud.
Sint Maarten map Sint Maarten License Plate Sint-Maarten/Saint Martin in the Carribean is an overseas territory of France (northern part) and the Netherlands (Dutch Antilles).
This license plate is the current issue on the Dutch part (since 1993). It shows the outline of the complete island, in order not to be accused of territorial expansion, the border line is added. This makes the Sint-Maarten license plate one of its kind: as far as I know it is the only license plate showing not only the region of issue, but also a 'foreign' region.
For the second half of the year the plates are revalidated by fitting a large tab with name, slogan and registration in reversed colors over the left third of the plate. This tag is not present on my copy.
Guam map Guam License Plate Guam license plate from the 1986 series. Between the letters and numerals two Latte Stones superimposed on an outline of the island map. The text 'Hafa Adai' means Hello.
The current series (started in 1993) has a larger island map in the background. Info on Guam plates.
What or where is Guam? See The Official Guam U.S.A. WebSite .
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