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São Paulo

Av. Pres. Wilson
(jardim da praia)

Homenagem ao Descobrimento da América

Monument for the Discovery of America

Luís Jorge Garcia

Santos /  Homenagem ao Descobrimento da América   Santos /  Homenagem ao Descobrimento da América


Statue of Columbus with sails and a globe with the 500th anniversary logo.


Statues are present in the whole way of the Santos beach garden. Being the most popular place in the whole town, statues are a way to remember famous santistas who made our history. Two poets are within them: Vicente de Carvalho (so-called "the sea poet") and Martins Fontes, a doctor and poet known for his honesty and good-willing. There are also two statues in honor of the first people to come to America: a monument to Christopher Columbus and a modern one depicting a Portuguese caravel, remembering the first Europeans to arrive at Brazil.


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