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Cárdenas /  Cristóbal Colón   Cárdenas /  Cristóbal Colón


Columbus is lifting the veil that covers a part of the globe with the left hand, and pointing with the right, to the regions discovered by him. In the front face of the pedestal, there is a bass-relief representing the triumph of Faith and Hell vanquished by the victory that Columbus obtained by his discovery.


Inscription on the back of the pedestal:
occiduarum regionum inventor genuæ decori maximo hispaniarum ornamento e cuncto fere lato patet terrarum orbe insolens propter factum derisum olim nunc omnium plausus, sancta cum admiratione extorquenti christophorus columbus hoccini pietatis ergo et grati animi insigne monumentum secunda elizabetho regnante oppidum cardenas posuit anno mdccclxii.


Cordier's statue in Mexico and that in Paris are almost exact copies of this.

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Scott 387
This stamp of 1942 has the text "Primera Estatua de Colon Cardenas 1862"


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Locatie (N 23°2'28" - W 81°12'4")

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