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Valladolid (prov.)

Calle de Colón  

Monumentos en la Casa Colón

Memorials at the Casa Colón


Valladolid /  Monumentos en la Casa Colón   Valladolid /  Monumentos en la Casa Colón


The Casa Museo de Colón in de Calle Colón is built in 1968. It is modelled after the palace built by Diego Colón when he settled in Santo Domingo in 1509. In the courtyard is a bronze model of the Santa Maria (inscription santa maria). On the wall of the garden are two commemorative stones.
The higher stone shows a portrait of Columbus with the text aqui murio colon (here Columbus died). This stone is obviously replaced, since Columbus died in the Monasterio de San Francisco near the Plaza Mayor.
The lower stone has the text:

los americanos residentes en valladolid
dedicar este recuerdo
a la memoria de immortal
cristobal colon
en el iv centenario del glorioso
descubrimiento de america
valladolid 12 de octubre de 1892

Jose Pinto. Antonio Pinto. Pablo Muñoz
Naroso Ordinillo Candido Requeño Jose Nieto
(last line is hardly readable).


The museum was in the final stage of rebuilding when we visited Valladolid. It re-opened on 20 May 2006, we were there from 12 to 14 May...

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