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Comunidad de Madrid

Min. de Ultramar  

Estatua de Colón en el Ministerio de Ultramar

Statue of Columbus in the Ministry of Overseas


Madrid /  Estatua de Colón en el Ministerio de Ultramar


Columbus is represented in the costume of Admiral of the Indies, carrying the standard of Castile; behind him is a globe. The design is identical with the statue in San Fernando.


The statue was placed in 1875 on one of the patio's of the Palacio de Santa Cruz (then Ministerio de Ultramar), on the other patio a statue of Elcano by the Madrid sculptor Ricardo Bellver was ereced. In 1900 the Ministerio de Ultramar moved from the Palacio, both of the statues were removed then. That of Elcano is now in Elcano's birth town Guetaria, the present location of the Columbus statue is unknown.

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