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Painting of Columbus in Iceland


Ingjaldshóll /  Painting of Columbus in Iceland   Ingjaldshóll /  Painting of Columbus in Iceland


Ingjaldshóll is a church on the Snæfellsness peninsula, which is in the West part of Iceland. It is believed that this is the oldest concrete church in the world, built in 1903.
A painting in the church shows Christopher Columbus conversing with the local clergyman in 1477 about the voyages of the Icelanders to the west (now America).
The Viglundar Saga mentions a church at Ingjaldsholl in 1317 and a prayer chapel up to that time. In 1477, a foreign vessel arrived at Rif, a nearby harbour, during the summer. According to legends from the late 15th century, a nobleman on board was no other than Christopher Columbus, who had undertaken this trip to study the journeys of Nordic seafarers to North America. He spent the whole winter to do so.

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Locatie (N 64°54'28" - W 23°51'9")

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