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The village of Chiusanico is one of the villages claiming to be the birth place of Christopher Columbus.
Translation of the village information:
In the history of Chiusanico (Villa Plausaneghi in 1298 and Ecclesia Plausanici in 1594) at the end of the 15th century there were many documents about a certain Cristoforo Colombo born in Chiusanico proving analogies with the America's discoverer. From acts of the end of 15th century, only known through 17th-century copies, it seemed that Domenico Colombo, Cristoforo's father, his father Giovanni and his brother Bernardo originated in the "Luogo di Plausanico, Castellania di Monteroso, Valle di Oneglia."
To favour the hypothesis of the Colombo 's Chiusanichese origin there are two documents preserved in the Archives of State of Genoa constituted of a testament dated 1477 by which Giovanni Colombo of Chiusanico left his properties to his two sons Domenico and Bernardino and 25 crowns to his nephew Cristoforo, Domenico's son; and an act of sale dated 1468 by which Domenico Colombo made concession of the properties hi had in Chiusanico to his brother Bernardo, as in same time he was going to live in Savona whith his sons Cristoforo Bartolomeo e Bernardo.
The names in these two official documents correspond with the persons in the genealogical tree of Christopher Columbus from Genoa with the difference that the Cristoforo from Chiusanico was already born in 1447 while the Cristoforo from Genoa was born in 1451.
The tradition of the Colombo of Chiusanico is kept particularly alive in town though the uncertainty of the historians about the real origin of the navigator.

The family tomb in the S. Stefano church shows the coat of arms of the Colombo family of Chiusanico with a pigeon (it.: colombo).

Coat of arms of the Colombo family of Chiusanico shows a pigeon (it.: colombo).
Family tomb in the S. Stefano church

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