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Genova (prov.)

Palazzo Reale  

Busto di Cristoforo Colombo nel Palazzo Reale

Bust of Columbus

Agostino Vignolo

Genova /  Busto di Cristoforo Colombo nel Palazzo Reale


Bust in white marble.


This bust was ordered by Oddone di Savoia from Agostino Vignolo in 1864 on suggestion of the sculptor Santo Varni. The bust is in the dining-room of the appartments of "Duca degli Abruzzi" and forms a part of a set of five busts of important men of the genovese history (the others: Luca Cambiaso, Nicola Caffaro, Andrea Doria and Guglielmo Embriaco).

This bust is probably mentioned twice by Néstor Ponce de León. First, he wrote "In addition to this there are also in Genoa, two large busts, one at the University, and another at the Royal Palace. They both possess great artistic merit, but neither of them. has any particular history." And a few lines further: "THE GENIUS OF COLUMBUS.-STATUE BY VIGNOLO. -This splendid work, which is of heroic size, is one of the most beautiful ornaments of the Royal Palace at Genoa."


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