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Genova (prov.)

Via Garibaldi 9  
(Palazzo Tursi)

Busto di Cristoforo Colombo nel Palazzo Tursi

Bust of Columbus in the Palazzo Tursi

Ignazio Peschiera

Genova /  Busto di Cristoforo Colombo nel Palazzo Tursi


Bust on top of a column, in the upper part of which is a receptacle, in which are deposited the archives of Columbus in possession of the city of Genova.


quae heic svnt membranas
epistolas q expendito
his patriam ipse nempe svam
colvmbvs aperit
en qvid michi creditvm thesavri siet.

decr. decvrionvm genvens.


The first "monument" for Columbus from Genua is the bust by Peschiera (1821). This bust inspired many engravings and lithographies. Such as for example, l'inquiétant face 'lombrosien' drawn and engraved by Fil. Castelli-Sordo-Muto. A lithography which formed part of the Portraits et éloges de Liguriens illustres, a collection printed in 1830 in Genoa by Gervasoni, is also inspired by this bust. This lithography represents a romantic hero, with the vague 'napoleontic' look, who points out the marble bust of Napoleon, after the original by Canova which is presently preserved in the Gallery of Modern Art of Florence.
See the description of Ponce de León, 1893.

The monument is in the Gala Office of the Mayor of Genova in the Palazzo Tursi (Town Hall Palace).


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