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Genova (prov.)

Via Gramsci 9

Statua di Cristoforo Colombo in Via Gramsci

Statue of Columbus in the Via Gramsci

Giambattista Cevasco

Genova /  Statua di Cristoforo Colombo in Via Gramsci   Genova /  Statua di Cristoforo Colombo in Via Gramsci


In the front façade of the palace on the Via Gramsci 9 (formerly Via Carlo Alberto) are two niches with statues, the one to the left is the great statesman and chief admiral of the Republic of Genova: Andrea Doria. The one on the right is Christopher Columbus.
Above Columbus there is a frieze with a bas-relief, showing the meeting of Columbus with the natives in America.

On this photo of the 1960s the two niches with statues are clear. Note the "Colombo Bar".


dissi, volli, il creai -
- ecco un secondo
sorger nuovo dall' onde
ignoto mondo.
tu m'offri un trono -
- io a libertá ti rendo.
da te, mia patria -
ad esser grande apprendo


Both statues were described by Nestor Ponce de Léon:
At No. 19 Via Carlo Alberto, near the Piazza Darsena, Genoa, Italy, a small statue of Columbus stands in a niche, with the following inscription:
"dissi, volli, credi, ecco un secondo
sorger nuovo, dall' onde ignoto mondo.
     The statue, is old and the artist's name unknown, but I have read that the artistic treatment is good, although it has no historic value.
The sculptor is Giambattista Cevasco, who lived 1817-1891. Since Ponce de Léon described the statue in 1892 as "old" I supposed it was sculpted around 1850.
In 2006, the palace was restored, Mario Luciano Radici took the photos after restauration.


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