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Toluca de Lerdo
Estado de México

Paseo Colón / Paseo Tollocan

Cristóbal Colón

Christopher Columbus

Guillermo Cárdinas

Toluca de Lerdo /  Cristóbal Colón   Toluca de Lerdo /  Cristóbal Colón


(Altavista translation from Spanish):
The monument is formed of a platform of octagonal figure of ten meters of diameter, the one that, in four of its main faces, has four perrons of twelve launching slips each one; in the other four faces it has a projection in semicircle form.
In the center it is the second body of the monument, made up of a base in Greek cross form that supports to a octagonal prism of meter and means of diameter, maintained by four braces, finished in the superior face with heads of lions; the four faces that are not occupied by braces take two inscriptions.
The third body forms a sphere of three meters of diameter, in which the main continents and islands are indicated; on her the statue of bronze Columbus rests, drained. All the monument has a height of fourteen meters, including the statue.


Two inscriptions:
El pueblo y gobierno del Estado de México, asociados a la colonia española residente en su territorio, erigen este monumento a la memoria del lnmortal descubridor de la América.

en la parte posterior dice: "recuerdo de imperecedera gratitud, a doña Isabel la Católica y demás ilustres colaboradores de la obra del egregio Cristóbal Colón.


The statue was to be erected in 1892 at initiative of the town, being governor colonel Jose Vicente Villada. The work was divided between various artists: Don Guillermo Cáardinas sculpted the figure of the navigator, pointing east; G. Contreras made the bronze and engineer Ignacio P. Guzmán designed the pedestal; the stonecutting was in charge of Eusebio Vázquez.
It was not possible to be inaugurated in 1892, year in which the anniversary was marked, but until the 13 of October of 1900, by the own Porfirio Diaz.

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