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Philadelphia /  Christopher Columbus   Philadelphia /  Christopher Columbus


Columbus, dressed in a tunic and cape, stands with an anchor and a bundle at his proper right foot. His proper right hands rests on a globe, on top of a column. He holds a scroll in his proper left hand. The sculpture is mounted atop a tapered, tiered base with a relief on the front. The relief depicts Columbus' first sighting of the coast and ultimate landing, and the coats-of-arms of Italy and the United States. The sculpture is surrounded by a fence with images of three sailing ships on it.


(above relief:)
presented to the city
of philadelphia
by the italian citizens
(below relief:)
christopher columbus
(rear of base:)
dedicated oct. 12 1876
by the christopher columbus
monument association on the
anniversary of the landing of christopher columbus oct 12, 1492
in commemoration of the
of american independence

There's a plaque at the bottom of the statue:

Renovated 1982 by
the City of Philadelphia
William J. Green, Mayor
and the Italo American community
organized as
The Marconi Memorial Assn., Inc.


Gift of Italian Americans to celebrate the centennial of the Declaration of Independence. Statue was originally located in West Fairmount Park and was moved to its present location in 1982.
The first statue of Columbus in the USA funded entirely by public subscription.
See also the description of Ponce de León.

The Smithsonian Institution Research Information system ascribes the sculpture to Emanuele Caroni.

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