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North Duke Street 50
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Christopher Columbus

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Lancaster /  Christopher Columbus


Bronze bust. He has chin-length hair and wears a period hat, pleated shirt and cloak.


Extracted from: "Columbus to be remembered here" by Larry Alexander in Lancaster Intelligencer Journal (October 11, 1991, pp. B1-B2)

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Columbus's discovery Lancaster plans to erect a Columbus statue. But is the arrival of Columbus truly a cause for celebration?
Paul R. Thibault, Lancaster County treasurer, heads up the Christopher Columbus Committee, charged with making the statue a reality. Progress, he says, is going nicely and preliminary drawings are almost ready.
"Columbus had a sense of belief in what he wanted to do and the willingness to take action caused him to succeed after years of effort," Thibault said.
Of the statue, intended for Lenox Lane beside the old courthouse, Thibault says, "There's no denying that one side effect is to enhance the life of downtown Lancaster."
Originally the committee wanted to secure a marble Columbus carved by Lancaster resident Luigi Persico. It stood at the U.S. Capitol from 1844 to 1958, but is now in storage at the Smithsonian Institution. Efforts failed. Even the assistance of local Congressman Robert Walker proved unsuccessful.


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