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Christopher Columbus


Pittston /  Christopher Columbus


3½ m tall marble statue of a young (20's) Columbus with page boy style hair and period costume. He stands with his right hand resting on an anchor and he holds rolled up papers at his side in his left hand. He stands atop a multi-tiered granite or limestone pedestal.



On metal plaque on base:

the officers, members and friends of the columbus league of luzerne county, with appropriate
ceremonies on october 12, 1969, dedicated this statue to all the italian immigrants who ever
lived and worked in the greater pittston community and who contributed so greatly in the
first half of the twentieth century to the growth and progress of this city
columbus league of luzerne county -1969

(list of names)

Plaque on side:

this statue replaces an
earlier statue of christopher columbus
upon which appeared the following inscription:
erected by the initiative of
the christopher columbus beneficial society
with contributions from the
italian american citizens of pittston and vicinity
a.d. 1926
salvatore bufalino president
vito bianco
honorary president
michele loquasto raffaele antoniello
joseph guarnieri attilio zampon


Donated by the Columbus League of Luzerne County (now called the Italian American Association of Luzerne County).

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