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August Werner

Qassiarsuk /  Leif Eriksson   Qassiarsuk /  Leif Eriksson


Immediately after the Viking ship Islendingur arrives in Greenland on 15th July, [2000] a three-metre tall statue of Leif Eriksson is to be unveiled, sited on a ridge in Qassiarsuk with a view of the ocean. It will stand here as a lasting reminder of the celebrations and Leif Eriksson's achievement. On the photo the unveiling ceremony with the Norwegian Ladies Chorus of Seattle, USA.


Qassiarsuk is on the spot of Brattahlið, where Eric the Red, Leif Eriksson's father, settled.

The Leif Eriksson International Foundation (L.E.I.F.) has erected copies of this statue in Seattle (1962), Trondheim (2000), and Cleveland (2001).


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