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Bad Arolsen
Lkr. Waldeck-Frankenberg




Emma Tree

Emma von Waldeck-Pyrmont
Arolsen 1858 - Den Haag 1934 Queen consort of the Netherlands, regent for her daughter, Queen Wilhelmina, during the latter's minority from 1890 until 1898


Bad Arolsen /  Emma-Baum   Bad Arolsen /  Emma-Baum


Giant redwood (Sequoiadendron giganteum or Wellingtonia) presented to Arolsen by Queen Emma of the Netherlands at her last visit to her birth place in 1932, with a plaque on a boulder.

Because there is no portrait, this tree and plaque officially do not belong on this site, but since it concerns a Queen of the Netherlands, we have included it.


Mich Wellingtonia
sandte 1932
der teuern Heimat
Königin Mutter
der Niederlanden

geb. Prinzessin zu
Waldeck und Pyrmont

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Locatie (N 51°22'43" - E 9°1'19")

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Item Code: dehs330; Photograph: 14 October 2018
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