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Lkr. Ludwigslust-Parchim


Schloßfreiheit 9
(Katholische Kirche St. Helena und Andreas)

St. Andreas, Petrus, Paulus und Johannes

St. Andrew, Peter, Paul and John

artist unknown

Ludwigslust /  St. Andreas, Petrus, Paulus und Johannes


Four reliefs in two groups in the entrance hall of the church:

Ludwiglust - St. Andreas, Petrus, Paulus und Johannes
St. Andrew & Peter
Ludwiglust - St. Andreas, Petrus, Paulus und Johannes
St. Paul & John the Apostle

  1. St. Andreas / St. Andrew. apostle and the brother of Saint Peter; founder and the first bishop of the Church of Byzantium. Protector of fishermen, in particular. He is shown with a saltire cross, in accordance with the way in which he died (Wikipedia).
  2. St. Petrus / St. Peter, (possibly died AD 67), apostle, first pope; patron saint of locksmiths and confessors. Usually holding the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven in his hand (Wikipedia)


  3. St. Paulus / St. Paul, the Apostle, (c. 5 - c. 67 ), persecuted the early followers of Jesus before switching sides and seeking to join them. He was instrumental in creating the Christian Church. He is the protector of tent-makers, theologians and the ecclesiastical press and is depicted with a sword. (Wikipedia).
  4. St. Johannes / St. John the Apostle one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. The patron saint of book engravers, booksellers and authors, John, is holding a book and a chalice, and he, according to legend, prayed for it to become non-poisonous - considered to be the same person as John the Evangelist (Wikipedia).



Locatie (N 53°19'29" - E 11°29'5")

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Item Code: demv261; Photograph: 7 August 2016
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