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Lkr. Kleve


Schloßberg 1

Vision des Kaisers Otto III

Vision of Emperor Otto III


Kleve /  Vision des Kaisers Otto III   Kleve /  Vision des Kaisers Otto III


Plaque with a relief with Emperor Otto III (left) and King Bolesław I the Brave, the first King of Polamnd, with between them trees and the circle of stars - the symbol of the European Union.

It commemorates the fact the in 2004 Poland became a member of the European Union, and with the Emperor Otto III's vision of a united Italy, France, Germany an Poland was fulfilled.

Kleve - Vision des Kaisers Otto III


roma gallia germania sclavinia
in europa geeint:
vision des kaisers otto iii
am 1. mai 2004 wurde deren erfüllung in kleve
polonische katholische mission am niederrhein
und der bund der polen in deutschland - "rodlo"

rzymianie francuzi niemcy słowianie
zjednoczeni w europie
to wizja cesarza ottona iii
1. maja 2004 uroczyście świętowano
jej realizację w kleve
polska misja katolicka w niederrhein
zwiazek polakow w niemczech - "rodlo"


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Location (N 51°47'12" - E 6°8'20")

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Item Code: denw630; Photograph: 23 June 2017
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