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Place Saint-Jean (5e)
(Cathédrale Saint-Jean)

Saints à la Cathédrale (façade ouest)

Saints at the west façade of the Cathedral

Joseph-Hugues Fabisch

Lyon /  Saints à la Cathédrale (façade ouest)   Lyon /  Saints à la Cathédrale (façade ouest)


Most of the statues on the main façade of the Cathedral disappeared or are too damaged to recognized. Only the top gable shows three statues. On the top sits the Eternal Father, and on consules are two statues representing the Annunciation: Saint Mary and the Archangel Gabriel. The three statues by Fabisch replace the statue by Hugonin Navarre of 1481, which were destroyed for the largest part in the 16th century.

Lyon - Saints à la Cathédrale (façade ouest)
Le Père Éternel / Eternal Father
With the papal tiara and sitting with a staff in his left hand and making a blessing gesture with his right hand.

Lyon - Saints à la Cathédrale (façade ouest)
Lyon - Saints à la Cathédrale (façade ouest)
St. Mary

Annonciation : une statue de la Vierge et une statue de l'Ange Gabriel / Annunciation: a statue of the Virgin Mary and one of the Archangel Gabriel


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  • Country: France
  • Annunciation
  • Christ (Eternal Father)
  • Fabisch, Joseph-Hugues
  • Façade with statues (church)
  • Gabriel (Archangel)
  • God the Father
  • Mary, St.
  • Locatie (N 45°45'39" - E 4°49'37")

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