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Tullow - An Tulach
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Church Street

Father John Murphy

Tincurry 1753 - Tullow 1798
Irish Roman Catholic priest and one of the leaders of the Irish Rebellion of 1798 in Wexford who was executed by British soldiers
artist unknown

Tullow - An Tulach /  Father John Murphy   Tullow - An Tulach /  Father John Murphy


Stone statue, on a pedestal with the year 1798.


Tá an leaċ ro ṫógṫa mar
ċuiṁneaḋ ar an aṫair
Seáġan Ua Murċaḋa raġart
tír-graḋaċ. Ó ḃuaileḃoġ iloc
Gárṁáin Iar an brear do leané
Go dúṫraċtaċ Seagan Ua
Galaċar Ċuir raiġiḋínrí
rarana ċum báir rad go
Tarcuirnċaċ & Go darbarḋa
U Sráud mór i Tulacṫ
ran mbliadam 1798

A Ḋia Saor Éire

Erected to the memory of
Father John Murphy.
Boolevogue Co. Wexford.
Priest and Patriot.
and his faithful follower,
John Gallagher.
who were most cruelly
and barbarously put to death
by english soldiers on the
square of tullow in 1798

god save ireland

though they are gone, yet still
lives on, their fame
although they have died.
and true men like, you men,
remember them,
with pride

they gave their lives
for irelands freedom.
may they rest in peace. amen.

this monument was erected
in july, 1905.
by the people of the town
and parish of tullow.
aided by the generous
of patriotic irishmen
from at home and abroad.


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